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Camp design & construction

Two, 20, 200 people... POLOG offers the camp that suits your needs and the level of comfort and support you require.

The operational needs, the local climate, the level of comfort, the operational window and the longevity of the camp are just a few important considerations that help define the type of camp to be built.

Every camp, every site and every person has individual needs. POLOG approaches every camp construction in close dialogue with our client. A camp is a home away from home and the place where you rebuild before your next effort. Therefore the headline for our camps is: ease of use – maximum comfort. All camps are designed to meet the highest standards within the desired time and price frame.

Turn-key camps

From start to finish.
Define when, where and what standards you require and then sit back and relax until opening night. POLOG can manage and execute every aspect of camp construction and operation. From planning, purchasing, transporting, construction and running to demolition and stowing - POLOG can make it happen. This service is done in close dialogue with our clients to ensure the optimal outcome – on time and within budget.

Permanent camps

For prolonged exploration, research or monitoring projects, POLOG can design, build and operate the housing that will best service the operation. We evaluate the lifetime consumption and environmental impact of all aspects of a camp and find the best solution. We offer solutions that take into account the expected duration of the camp, the purpose of the expedition and the periods of time that the camp is used. Logistical considerations about supply schedule, waste and water treatment will be evaluated. Planning and investing thoughtfully from the project start will reduce the level of maintenance and thus the operational cost. POLOG strive to make the optimal camp from day 1.

Temporary camps

Just a quick look or jumping around? Whether you plan for a week, a month or a biseasonal field work - we all need to sleep, eat and drink, and in the Arctic we often also need to get warm. Those intense field days have been planned all year and you want to make the best and most productive use of them. POLOG will advise on, build and operate your camp to optimize your time use in the field.

Latest project

Large scale logistical support for exploration activities in North Greenland

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