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Femte Maj Sø & Washington Land

Client: Avannaa Resources Ltd
Objective: Design and construction of a 20 person exploration field camp
Location: 81° N, 25° W & 80° N, 61° W
Date: 2011-2013

Creative logistical solution enabled the reuse of an entire camp in North Greenland operations

Over the course of 2011-2013 POLOG assisted Avannaa Resources with their North Greenland exploration activities.

First a basecamp in Mylius-Erichsen Land in NE Greenland in 2011, then in Washington Land in NW Greenland in 2012 and 2013.

POLOG provided consulting and on-site services relating to camp purchasing, construction and operation, and also provided logistical manpower for all camps.

POLOG planned and helped execute a winter transport operation of approximately 5 tons of equipment from  eastern to western North Greenland (both very remote sites) using a Basler DC3 aircraft equipped with skis.

POLOG also provided assistance with scientific field work. 
Getting skis on the Basler DC3
Construction of Design Shelters.
Construction of camp at Femte Maj Sø.
Avannaa basecamp at Femte Maj Sø
Avannaa basecamp in Washington Land.
Winterised camp at start of season in 2013.
“In Avannaa we had a key focus on optimising our field operations to minimise costs. The expertise and experience of POLOG was essential for us in our complex North Greenland opertions. They supplied us with great solutions for us to enable our plans.”

Emma Rehnström, Project Manager & Senior Geologist, Avannaa Resources Ltd.
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