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Ice runway

In 2008, Ironbark Gold, an Australian exploration company, planned a large-scale field operation for investigating the Citronenfjord zinc deposit. In order to solve the logistical challange of mobilising 250 tonnes of equipment into one of the most remote areas in Greenland and an area without ship access, POLOG proposed to construct a runway on the sea ice to acccommodate large, type C-130, cargo aircrafts and thereby mobilise the equipment by air from Svalbard.

POLOG subsequently designed  and planned the construction of the ice runway. POLOG had all the contacts to Danish and Greenlandic authorities to ensure that all permissions were in place and that the proposed design was in line with existing regulations. 

POLOG selected to use a Prinoth snow grooming machine to construct the runway and also purchased and mobilised the machinery to Greenland. The last leg of the mobilisation in Greenland was a 250 km drive with the Prinoth, from Station Nord to Frederik Hyde Fjord.

POLOG supplied manpower to build and later operate the runway.

The ice runway needed continuous maintenance and monitoring and use was carefully organised not to overburden any part of the runway. 

The runway accommodated in all XX landings and take-offs.
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