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Ironbark Zinc

Client: Ironbark Zinc (formerly Ironbark Gold)
Objective: 40 person year-round camp
Location: 83° N, 28° W
Date: 2007-2009

Remote logistical support for exploration activities in the extreme North

During the summer of 2007, POLOG acted as turn-key operator for exploration activities by Ironbark Gold Ltd in North Greenland.

The requirement of Ironbark Gold was a fully functioning 40-person camp, designed for year-round activities.

POLOG managed authorizations and permissions, equipment purchasing, camp design, construction and operation.

POLOG also coordinated the airlift and transport of a Prinoth snow grooming machine in to the camp site (approximately 350 km from the nearest airport).

POLOG used this machine to construct a fully functional runway on sea-ice to accommodate a C-130 cargo aircraft. The C-130 was used to airlift in approximately 300 tons of equipment.

You can read more about the ice runway here.

C-130 landing on sea ice runway
Lay-out of sea ice runway
Prinoth being mobilised to Citronenfjord
The Citronenfjord camp
Camp construction at Citronenfjord
Drilling control points in the sea ice
POLOG has been a real asset to our development of the Citronen project. They were able to put together logistic solutions which we could rely upon. In this environment, solving problems, coming up with practical solutions and making things happen quickly and safely is not easy. POLOG has the ability to make these things happen”.

Technical Director Adrian Byass, Ironbark Gold Ltd
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