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Malmbjerg Molybdenum 2005-2017

Client: International Molybdenum, Quadra Mining, KGHM
Objective: 40-persons all-year activity camp
Location: 72° N, 24° W
Date: 2005-2017

Exploration Campaign (2005 – 2013)

From its onset in 2005 to its termination in 2013, POLOG acted as turnkey logistics provider for first Int’l Molybdenum, then Quadra Mining and finally KGHM in their exploration programs in the Malmbjerg area. POLOG coordinated the purchase, construction and operation of the 40-person camp and provided additional personnel for field safety. To this end, POLOG coordinated the mobilization of approximately 500 tons of equipment from Iceland using an Antonov 12 cargo aircraft, and subsequent transport by AS 350 helicopter.


Decommissioning and clean up (2015-2017)

In 2015, KGHM chose to scale down their activities and cease all activity on the project by 2017. POLOG coordinated this task for KGHM. Beginning in 2015, POLOG began deconstruction and removal of the camp and cleaning up the camp area. Following this work, the 2016 campaign was focused on the official government requirements surrounding KGHM surrendering their exploitation licence and assessing the magnitude of this work. Finally, the 2017 campaign was focused on environmental clean-up, mine decommissioning, and core storage and transfer to the Greenlandic Government. POLOG provided all personnel and equipment for this operation and was also responsible for safety in the field.

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