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Mamont North Greenland Expediton

Client: Frederik Paulsen
Objective: Research/Adventure expedition
Location: West and North Greenland
Date: 2016

In 2016, POLOG planned, coordinated and executed a two-week research expedition covering approximately 2500 km along the west and north coasts of Greenland. Starting in Kangerlussuaq and traveling north to Qaanaaq, then across North Greenland to Station Nord, the 21 expedition participants visited approximately 25 sites while traveling by S-61 and AS 350 helicopters, and Twin Otter aircraft. During the northern portion of the expedition, the program required a mobile camp be set up and torn down daily, in addition to providing all other necessities to travel and work in such a remote environment. POLOG supplied all pre-expedition services including planning, budgeting, purchasing, permitting, and aircraft charters, as well as all field personnel: an on-site expedition coordinator, cook staff, and polar bear protection services. 

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