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Nerlerit Inaat (CNP) coordination platform

Client: multiple projects
Objective: Flight coordination, project service
Location: 70° N, 22° W, Constable Point
Date: July – August

POLOG flight coordination saves time and money for all users


POLOG typically operates two service platforms in Greenland, one at Constable Point, the other at Station North. These platforms are supporting all projects with needs for transportation to, from and within North and Northeast Greenland.
The vast distances in these regions often involve high transportation cost. The large scale operation and coordination offered by POLOG provides sustainable transport for all types of projects.
The platforms are typically open during the short arctic summer in the period July – August.
When it comes to Greenland’s northeast coast logistics, POLOG has been very helpful and responsive to our requests. They have an excellent knowledge of the area and have provided timely support in many different aspects... from budget estimates, to moving cargo and placing fuel caches. POLOG has a wealth of information on the operations in that area of Greenland and are a great resource for helping support our NSF research projects.

Logistics Manager Robin Abbott, CH2M Hill Polar Services
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