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POLOG coordination

Most seasons POLOG are operating logistical hubs/ service platforms in Constable Point and Station Nord.

A key function of the platforms is to coordinate helicopter and fixed wing aircraft operations for all clients. 

There are a number of advantages with this system: if you are a part of POLOG coordination, there will always be searched for joint solutions with other clients so that costs for the individual projects can be reduced and kept as low as possible. Free capacity on a flight will be sought to be filled, if not with personel, then with cargo. In this way the coordination may save a project substantial amounts of money because the costs for air charter may be split with other users.

POLOG will always try to find solutions where individual flights are shared between several users, so that all individual users get a lower cost. This system works so that the more projects that are included in the coordination, the larger the benefits for all.

POLOG can also coordinate mobilisation, so that several projects can share mobilisation by cargo aircraft or ship and thereby share the costs.


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Large scale logistical support for exploration activities in North Greenland

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