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Client: Platina Resources Ltd.
Objective: Design and construction of a 20 person year-round camp
Location: 68° N, 31° W
Date: 2008

Turn-key exploration camp for 20 persons designed for all-year activities

During the summer of 2008, POLOG acted as turn-key operator for exploration activities by Platina Resources Ltd in East Greenland.

The requirement of Platina was a fully functioning 20-person camp, designed for year-round activities.

POLOG managed the required authorizations and permissions, camp design, construction and operation, coordination of loading and off-loading of freight ship, and construction of drilling platforms.

In addition, Polog handled all supply service during the operation.
Camp at Sødalen
Building Sødalen camp
Loading a Twin Otter with equipment in Akureyri, Iceland
Always keeping a keen attention to safety!
The camp consisted of Weatherhaven shelters
Unloading of ship in Sødalen
“The 2008 Skaergaard field season was Platina’s first foray into Greenland and represented a daunting logistical challenge. The services of POLOG were engaged so that we could benefit from their vast experience of polar logistical planning and local knowledge. POLOG were responsible for the procurement and importation of field equipment to Greenland, the construction and day to day management of Platina’s 20 man Sødalen camp and assisted with the planning of remote field activities. POLOG completed all work to a high standard and I would very much recommend their services.”

Thomas Abraham-James, Exploration Manager, Platina Resources Limited
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