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POLOG is your partner on large-scale remote site operations.

POLOG undertakes all logistic aspects of your project – planning, budgeting, purchasing, transportation, camp construction, camp management, personnel, camp demolition etc. Utilizing our experience, network and infrastructure will secure your project not only the best solutions but also incomparable prices due to the rebates and economy of scale we achieve.

POLOG builds airports on sea ice, camps on mountain tops and drill rigs on glaciers – and make it work.

POLOG offers advanced logistical solutions in the most challenging locations. We can build and run both permanent and temporary logistical strongholds to meet any desired requirement.

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Large scale logistical support for exploration activities in North Greenland

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Polar Logistics Group APS | Godthåbsvej 11A | 2000 Frederiksberg | Phone: +45 35 55 30 17