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TGS Geophysics

Client: TGS - NOPEC
Objective: Logistical support, air charter
Location: 75° N, 18° W
Date: 2008

Logistics for large-scale aeromagnetic survey

During 2008, POLOG supported TGS-Nopec, a Norwegian and international provider of geophysical and geological data products.

POLOG provided consulting and logistical support, handled communication with the Greenlandic authorities, and coordinated an air charter arrangement in relation to a large-scale aeromagnetic survey in remote areas of North and NE Greenland.
”The 2008 aeromagnetic survey in North East Greenland – NEGA08 – was extremely challenging and we would probably never have been able to fly it without POLOG’s help. Access to Station North facilities and logistical assistance with regards to airborne operations provided by POLOG were 2 key factors that made possible the collection of this dataset that is very interesting and important for the industry”.

Sergej Usov, Manager Potential Field Services, TGS-NOPEC
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