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Unique solutions

All our clients have unique projects, but some projects call for truly out-of-the-box solutions.

We strive to find solutions to make your project feasible, and also time and cost efficient without compromising safety for your people or the environment.
Below are some case stories of projects that at first looked impossible, but where POLOG was able to provide unique and creative solutions that allowed for successful field operations to occur.

Villum Research station

POLOG facilitated the transport of all building materials for the construction of the Villum Research Station at Station Nord. Two hundred and fifty tonnes were transported by road, sea and air from Denmark, via Svalbard to North East Greenland.
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Ice runway

POLOG constructed a fully functional runway on sea ice in Frederik Hyde Fjord, with capacity for takeoff and landing of Hercules C 130 cargo aircraft. The runway was the most efficient and safest solution to the logistical challenge of mobilizing a 40 person year-round camp to this remote part of eastern North Greenland. Read more about the ice runway here and about the Citronenfjord project here.

POLOG coordination

Every season there are a large number of expeditions in North and Northeast Greenland. Many of them have common needs with respect to transport and mobilisation. Projects that choose to be part of POLOG's flight coordination activities at Constable Point and Station Nord are part of a larger system of flight optimation. 
Read more about coordination here.

Latest project

Large scale logistical support for exploration activities in North Greenland

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